Music Lessons

First and foremost: Music should be fun!

As seriously as I take  theory, technique and a good practice schedule I want all my students to look forward to our lessons each week and enjoy playing music.

In my experience over the years, I’ve discovered that the more the students enjoy playing, the more they will practice.

I like to custom create each lesson for each student, everybody learns in a different way, therefore I like to find out what the students musical interests and goals are. However there are some basic things that are almost guaranteed to work.

My teaching techniques include hands on basic to advanced technical and practical studies, complemented by audio and video examples, together with live playing workshops featuring professional musicians.


We will start with learning some basic chords and begin playing a song within the first lesson or two.

As you progress we will get in to more interesting chords, start playing scales, reading notes and tablature and learning solo techniques.

I encourage my students to bring me songs that they want to learn, which make the lesson and the learnin process a lot more fun.


We start out easy with some basic exercises, reading and drum set or percussion technique. Being that I also play guitar and piano I will play along with the student and get them playing songs immediately.

As you progress we develop and expand on your knowledge with advanced technique, poly rhythms, double bass drum, etc…

How it works

Lessons are private, one on one, based on 30, 45 minute or 1 hour sessions.

Group lessons are available on request (example 2-3 friends or brothers and sisters, etc…)

Live Workshops

At the end of the school year we organize a live concert in a local venue so that each student has the opportunity to show his or her skills with a live band in front of a live audience (parents, friends, etc).
This is not mandatory.